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Perspectives on Portugal

Perspectives on Portugal

It’s been a while since my last travel post – man, I love travelling, and I love to write about it! So this time it’s Portugal, where Mr. Betterhalf and I recently spent two weeks . I am full of praise! I do admit that I did not research much about the country before we … Continue reading

Wonderwoman wonders…

Today I added a lifetime event to my Facebook timeline: I became Wonderwoman. Yes, dear reader, that’s right! I got up today, started spinning around and turned into her! Uh huh! Because I can! Anyways, being a proper Wonderwoman, I should start wondering. Or, maybe it’s exactly the other way around: I come across so … Continue reading

Pea soup with ginger

I really got into cooking lately! I mean, I always cooked, but I never particularly liked it. But I have tried so many new things lately and I am really enjoying to spice up recipes that I find on the net or in books and change them a bit to my liking. Also new: I … Continue reading