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Time’s flight

Time is such a weird concept! Every New Year’s Day, I expect time to progress slower than at the end of a year. Because I am slower, too, during that period, I would like time to slow down sometimes. But it seems to go faster than ever. And while I am usually rather upset about … Continue reading

Just a very quick note…

… to say I am still alive. I have not given up on this blog, I just started working full-time again a month ago and it is taking up a lot of my energy. The rest of my energy is spent on looking for apartments with Mr. Betterhalf and trying to get my stuff done. … Continue reading

Time is a capricious bitch!

Today I indulged once again in something that is both one of my best features and my worst habit: pondering. I am feeling somewhat edgy and tried to find out what exactly evokes said feeling. And here it is, the answer, an oh-so-philosophical statement, something we all know but still do not get a grip … Continue reading