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Diversity is a bliss

I just got home from a training seminar that I am doing for work. This was the second block of basically being locked in with 20 people – we spent four days in a hotel in the middle of nowhere.We all work in the social field, most people there are child care workers, one woman … Continue reading

Can social media kill friendships?

It is no secret that you need a good bit of media competence. Before smartphones and social media happened you had to wait until you read the newspaper in the morning to get confronted with the news – who won the soccer, who died, who was born, who ran around naked. Or, you got woken … Continue reading

Your fear scares me!

Your fear scares me!

Germany is going through rough times if you follow the comments on various social media. I feel as if a time machine had sent me right back into the 1990s, when refugee homes were burning, set on fire by neonazis. We are experiencing an increasing entry of refugees right now, because the world is more … Continue reading