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Perspectives on getting old(er)

Source Most of my ideas for blog posts are inspired by conversations I have or by things I observe. This one started to grow after I talked to a friend on the phone yesterday. I met her when I was 24 and now I am…. older! I will be 37 next week and HOW THE … Continue reading

Resolution: Go with the flow

source ‘I live in the future!’ This is what my friend Tourmama usually says when she discovers new breath-taking features on her very smart phone – we are not the techno kids really, so some things are just amazing – checking into a flight with just your phone and without your boarding pass for example! … Continue reading

Find your path by changing it!

Everybody has their security blankets – places or habits that keep you save or in a comfort zone. These things are usually totally unglamorous – think of you as a kid: did you always sit on the same chair for dinner and breakfast and so did the rest of your family? Everybody had their habitual … Continue reading