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Letting go

I probably have mentioned before, that Mr. Betterhalf and yours truly are going to move to a new apartment in October. We have mastered the biggest obstacles successfully so far: we bought a kitchen together without breaking up, and we managed to decide on a sofa – a red sofa, yay!!! We paid a visit … Continue reading

The karma saw

Take a seat, dear reader, and make yourself comfortable. I am not posting as regularly as I’d like to, but ever since I am working full-time again in a sucky job, I don’t feel like spending any more time on my computer very often. Well, I am getting paid ok at least, so not too … Continue reading

The mirrors and the nightingales

In my last post about anxiety I mentioned that I currently have to let go of some people in my life, because they are not good for me. I have thought about it a lot afer that post, and I have come to the conclusion that this statement might have been a tad premature, or … Continue reading

Perspectives on anxiety

Ah, finally a blog post with a sound track! Check out Muse ‘Panic Station‘ while reading this! I decided to dedicate another blog post to an issue that was and is still important for me, after seeing yet another one of those anxiety awareness posts on my Facebook timeline. I look back at a rather … Continue reading

‘Un poco loco’ or ‘not on!’?

source We all do crazy things at time – because we are in love or because we aren’t; because we are drunk or because we aren’t; because good or bad things happened or because it’s just one of those days. ‘My friends are crazy’ is usually rather a compliment and being a bit crazy surely … Continue reading