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POW letters – Boon and bane of words

Today I sat down to transcribe some more of my Grandparents’ POW letters which I got after my Grandmother passed away. Copying them takes quite some time but I found that I want to use them as advice from the past. Usually, my Granddad’s letters are pretty well-structured and very clear. So when I pulled … Continue reading

Perspectives on directness

I’ve met someone today. In the waiting room of the ENT doctor where I spent an entire two hours waiting since some sort of epidemic seems to have possessed the city. Mine is funny, I can talk but barely swallow or laugh without my throat feeling like being struck by a grater. However, as I … Continue reading

Perspectives on England Part 1: Encounters

source After my university degree in Educational Science I decided that you can never have too many degrees and enrolled with a new Master’s programme called European Culture and Economy. It was an international course and the German students were advised to spend a semester abroad. This is how, in 2003 (damn it! That’s 10 … Continue reading