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I claim the invention of a new word: diagnophilia. If any of you know of its existence or know a word that describes the issue I am going to discuss, please let me know! The other week I was out for some nice wine with my friend. I told her that recently and for a … Continue reading

Life in 6 songs

I started following Christy over at Running On Sober only recently, but man, how happy I am about joining in just in time for the “Life in 6 songs” contest! I always wished my life was a musical – as in whenever something important happens, a tune is played loudly and myself and everybody involved … Continue reading

Perspectives on anxiety

Ah, finally a blog post with a sound track! Check out Muse ‘Panic Station‘ while reading this! I decided to dedicate another blog post to an issue that was and is still important for me, after seeing yet another one of those anxiety awareness posts on my Facebook timeline. I look back at a rather … Continue reading

Nothing to fear

I painted this picture many years ago. This is how I felt and even though I am not a very talented painter, it was my first attempt to canalise what was going on inside me. I remember my first panic attack very vividly. It was Easter 1997 at my Grandmother’s house. My parents, my brother, … Continue reading