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I do miss the 90s!

source “Man, I miss the 90s!” – Mr. Betterhalf and I blurted this out simultaneously, when we were out shopping and trying to find a decent pair of jeans (for him, this time). All you get is skinny jeans, loose fit jeans with yet tight bottoms or, even worse, shiny jeans! And they are all … Continue reading

POW letters – Boon and bane of words

Today I sat down to transcribe some more of my Grandparents’ POW letters which I got after my Grandmother passed away. Copying them takes quite some time but I found that I want to use them as advice from the past. Usually, my Granddad’s letters are pretty well-structured and very clear. So when I pulled … Continue reading

POW letters – advice from my grandparents

When I was a child, I could not get enough of rooting through my Grandma’s drawers. They were like treasure chests to me! I would try on her pearl necklaces, look at old photographs and touch the soft scarfs and hats. There was one drawer though that contained a lot of letters – letters that … Continue reading