I had a rough few weeks, dear readers, weeks that resulted in a visit to the doc’s today to finally find out that I have got a few slipped disks that are the reason for my pain. It’s gonna be fine, it’ll just take a while. And in my relief, I turned to my journal again – it is the best therapy I know, I am getting into a dialogue with myself. My conclusions are always positive, no matter how negative I started. And today, I put my focus on how blessed I am. I would like to share some gratefulness with you:

I am grateful for growing up in “slower” times and being able to take advantage of that knowledge and today’s technologies. I am grateful for my education that always keeps me employed. I am grateful that I can bitch about not being paid enough while I am still able to afford the life I live. I am grateful for my home that I share with my partner in crime, Mr. Betterhalf. I am grateful for being able to choose what I eat and drink. I am grateful for being able to get medical treatment when I need it. I am grateful that the Donald is not my President. I am grateful for living in a country where I can voice my opinion. I am grateful for my friends who turn my flaws into development. I am grateful for being able to choose the partner that makes me happy. I am grateful for turning 40 and still feeling young and ambitious. I am grateful for all the choices I have. I am grateful for my life.

We are so used to our high standards that we tend to forget how lucky we are. We have everything we need and more. It’s up to us to choose happiness while in other corners of the world, every day is a fight for life. We should not let that bring us down, but we should think about it every now and then to ground ourselves. I am grateful. Gracias a la vida!


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