I wanna be in America


I like to be in America!
O.K. by me in America!
Ev’rything free in America
For a small fee in America!

This is from Westside Story and I had the song in my head the minute Mr. Betterhalf and I decided to go on an US road trip!

I will most likely bore y’all with a post about our route and whereabouts in another post, but tonight I am just reflecting impressions. What is it that I remember most when I think about my two weeks, seven states, and over 2000 driven miles in the US of A?

The friendliness of people. To be honest, I expected superficialty, and loads of it. Not in a good way. What I got was, of course, superficialty, but in a way that makes me feel good! You can be sure that in the US, at least 3 people will have wished you a great day before you have a chance to leave the Motel in the morning. And you do start the day differently that way! It is equally superficial when I mumble a “Good morning” to my neighbours – we don’t know each other, but it doesn’t hurt to be nice! The waiters in the US are totally over the top friendly, and I know it is because of the tip they depend on. But does it hurt me? No! Mr. Betterhalf can tell you in detail how much of a service Nazi I am in Germany, so the US were heaven for me!

The landscape. Oh my frigging gawd! I mean, how? You drive and drive and drive and there are forests – so many, that you don’t know where they would ever end. The lakes are flawless, reflecting the clouds (if there are any). We were only able to catch tiny glimpses of Indian Summer. I would love to see it in full bloom (well, decay for that matter, but that would sound morbid) – I think I would cry. The colours!!!

The plastic. That is not a good thing! Everywhere you go (apart from expensive restaurants) you get plastic: plastic plates, plastic knives and forks, plastic cups. This is a disgrace! If America changed that, the earth would literally be in a better place. Stop the plastic madness! That goes for the AC, too. At 20°C, you should try fresh air!

Petrol prices. Well…. of course it is fantastic to fill up your car for 20$. Really! The first time we went to a gas station, I handed them my credit card and said “Fill it up, please!”. The woman stopped at 18$. I was like “No, fill it up!”, and she’s like “It’s full!” I could not believe it! Here at home, it takes me about 70$ to fill up my car properly. And I hate it, but I also think about where I drive. No wonder everyone drives a big ass car in the States. Again… re-think your responsibility for our earth!

The food (except the bread). I was under the impression that you can only eat shitty in the US. I was so wrong! I had the best fish with the best veggies! I got totally hooked on maple sirup! I would kill for the pumpkin-spiced latte! The only thing is…. bread…. you know, bread is not something in slices that you can press together until you have one bigger slice. Bread is about seeds, it is supposed to fill you up!

The ID thing. Now, I found that very funny! I got Ma’am-ed and ID-ed at the same time. In one sentence! If I look old enough to be a Ma’am, I should be old enough to buy a frigging bottle of wine! My eternal love goes out to the guy at the gas station in Bangor, ME, who said “Have a nice day, Miss!”! The ID thing reached its climax in Massachusetts – Mr. Betterhalf and I went to a liquor store (no alcohol in supermarkets there), I showed my ID and paid for the wine, and my lovely boyfriend tried to carry the booze to the car for me. No, no, no! “Can I see your ID, Sir?” – “I don’t have it with me!” “Well, then you cannot carry it until you are outside. Massachusetts law. Riiiiiiiigghhhht!

The Motels. Not one motel we booked was shabby. Not one!

The US are a great place to travel, really. I cannot see me living there, but I need to come back. I am hooked on NYC. I am hooked on the madness. It was nothing but great!

Yours truly, madly, deeply!



One thought on “I wanna be in America

  1. Well, pumpkin-spiced latte is about as unhealthy as it gets 😂 But it’s certainly very easy to eat well in the U.S. if you try.

    I’m happy you liked it! I find I love the US as a tourist!

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