2015: Gracias a la vida!

Oh, my blog is deserted – I just did not feel it, you see! But I do have a habit of sitting down at the end of another year and look back, see what the challenges and obstacles and good things were. I was thinking about it today while Mr. Betterhalf and I were driving back from a few days at the German East coast, and all I came up with was: this year was entirely good to me! Now don’t get me wrong, of course I was sad at times. A lot of times, that’s just how I roll. Little things can make me sad, and I have the impression that I need that in order to see all the good things. And the good thing is: 2015 brought me everything I wished for. Or was it me, and not the year? Hmmmm…

I kind of had a bad start… I had taken on that new job in November 2014, and it took me exactly two weeks to figure out that I hated it. I was not happy at all, I had never been so bored in my life before! So I did dwell a bit on that one until I decided to look for something new. And, alas! In March or so I saw an ad, applied, and got the job! I only work 30 hours a week now, I make a lot less money than I used to, but: the job does not bother me! And this is so great – it is not my passion, but I like it. I go home and I do not take it home with me. And I finally have enough time for myself and my life. Before starting the new job, Mr. Betterhalf and I went to Prague, a city I had always wanted to visit. It was magic, one of the most beatiful cities I have seen so far.

We spent the Summer, the entire year basically, looking for a new place, and finally moved in in October. Apart from the radiator problem, which finally got solved, it is the perfect place. I finally have the home I wished for – we have a lovely living room, a really pretty bedroom, a killer bathroom with bathtub and shower (BATHTUB AND SHOWER!!!) and a room each. I always wanted a room where I can write and read, and here I go!

I always wanted a family on my own – now I live with the best man in the world! He and I are a family, and it does not feel weird at all to say that.

I finally enjoy my social life again. You see, I had put myself into a hermit kind of position for two years or so, and I needed that time to come to terms with myself. And then, when I first met Mr. Betterhalf, we had a weekend relationship. But now that we have been living together for a year, we and I were able to put the social life back into live so to speak. I have come to terms with the fact that friendships change, some are gone, some have gotten closer. I am blessed with great friends.

I am also blessed with some friends and a partner who are in the music industry, so I got to see some fantastic gigs this year. And one of my dreams came true: I got to see David Gilmour in concert in September!

I changed my diet a bit and cut down big time on sugar – and it has been the best thing! Weight-wise, not much happened. But i feel so much better. I also got back into a little yoga routine, which is great.

Oh, and I finally finished working on my Grandparents’ POW letters, and was able to give them to my Dad this Christmas. I really think about publishing the whole thing. I just need to work on the “how”.

When I look back now, this year was crammed with events and stuff, but it flew by within a blink. And while all these good things happened to me personally, the world is going bonkers. There is so much violence out there, and it has hit Europe hard this year. Thinking about it scares the life out of me. Many of my fellow citizens scare the life out of me with their ignorance, their fear, and their stupidity. Many of them forget that they, too, were refugees not to long ago. They forget that even though life gets a bit harder even in Germany, we still live in a very wealthy and save environment. And like little children they don’t want to share. I detest them with my entire heart.

So, how to continue? What will 2016 bring? I personally just do not want to stand still. I want to work on myself, and explore life even more. I know the world will not stand still, so hope for better times. Every single one of us can contribute to them by giving just a little.

So at the end of this year, I just want to say thanks, thanks to my life. Thanks to everyone in it, and thanks to myself. Gracias a la vida!

Happy new year to y’all!

Yours truly, madly, deeply!

Kerstin (the times of alias names are over 🙂 )


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