The beauty of decay

“And everything is beautiful
Because everything is dying”
I recommend listening to New Model Army’s “Autumn” whilst reading this blog post. I know that the blog title and song title seem rather morbid, and they probably are… but I always had a thing for morbid, because of its beauty. Morbid is happy! But see for yourself, and don’t forget to turn up the volume!

We are experiencing an unusually mild Autumn here in Germany at the moment. While everybody was enjoying the golden October, it is now way too warm in November. Since I was off work because of the lack of sleep caused by the Knock-knock-knock of our radiators, I went for a few walks and took my camera with me.
The first thing that struck me was how some natural phenomena make people forget their stress, their social media, their worries for a few seconds. While I was walking through one of the parks here, I heard a strange, yet familiar noise from above. And then I saw this:
I always wave when the migrating birds start their journey. My heart becomes heavy, yet happy. I think this is what nature does to you. It follows its own rhythm, it usually knows what’s right or wrong. When I continued to walk, I could not help noticing the other people in the park. One guy still held his phone in his hand and had obviously been staring at it before, but now he just stood there, motionless and his gaze followed the birds. I passed a woman sitting on a bench, and she – like I – was blinking away tears. The children stopped playing and watched the birds disappear. It was magic!
On another day, I went to two of my favourite cemeteries here. I love cemeteries, and they don’t make me sad. I find peace there, because it is quiet and the decay is kind of solemn. The Catholics celebrated All Saints lately, and the graves looked beautiful with all the candles and decoration. Some just looked  beautiful because they have not been taken care of for years, decades or even centuries.
My walks also took me to my favourite park. I love going there during all seasons, to see nature change. This time, I was able to capture some beautiful Autumn colours: DSC_0109
This is the beauty of decay, and the reason we are so drawn to it. Everything is beautiful, because everything is dying. If everything looked like this all the time, we would probably not notice it. It is mortality at its highest level. Same goes for life: it is beautiful, because we know it is unlasting. And this is the reason you should enjoy every second of it – the good times, the happiness, the sadness, the grief. Everything is unique, and it will fade. And if it didn’t, it would be meaningless.
And then, in the middle of this last gasp of nature before going to sleep, I found this:

Yes, the tree is blooming, in November! It produces new life within the decay. It is the circle of life. Don’t ever forget that!

Yours morbidly, but happy!



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