I do miss the 90s!


“Man, I miss the 90s!” – Mr. Betterhalf and I blurted this out simultaneously, when we were out shopping and trying to find a decent pair of jeans (for him, this time). All you get is skinny jeans, loose fit jeans with yet tight bottoms or, even worse, shiny jeans! And they are all made of poor material, representing the throw-away society we live in. Remember the mid-90s jeans? Nice, thick, atomic-war-surviving bell bottom jeans…. och….I am not much in favour of “Everything used to be better”, but in some cases, it does apply. So I might either be old or have a talent to learn from the past 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I do not want to go back to my teenage times. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt (and still have hit, because of the good quality). But last night, I was going through the drawer where I keep all the letters and postcards, trying to make the pile smaller in preparation for us moving to a new place. I threw out many Christmas and birthday cards that did not say more than “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Birthday”, but I obviously kept those letters and cards that were funny, meaningful or just nice to look at. And I thought once again: “Man, I miss the 90s!” I miss that everything was a bit slower, that you made the effort to write letters. I remember this one time, in band camp… uh… no…. this one time, I stayed home sick with laryngits and was not able to speak. I was really mad at my best friend, because she did not call me after school asking why I wasn’t there. When I returned to school, it turned out, that she was equally mad, because she, too, had to stay at home due to laryngitis. Since there was no internet or mobile phones, we did not have a chance to let each other know!

I miss the be-there-or-be-square appointments, because if you were late or did not show, everybody would have already left for the club. I feel appointments were more binding. Heck, I even miss the 90s nazis! Not that I miss the idiots themselves, but I miss that you were able to identify them just by their looks! You saw shaved head, bomber jacket, combat boots with white laces – and you knew what you were dealing with. Today, even those creatures blend in. Ugh.

So, the other night I was youtubing myself back to that time (youtube is great! Cutting tapes sucked!), and found that I even liked a lot of the stuff that I danced my arse off to in the local clubs. And since I am all for sharing, here is a (very small) selection!

New Model Army: White Coats

This song is forever connected to both my friend InĂ©s and the girls’ toilets in out school. Someone had written a line of the song all across the toilet door, but made a mistake. The quote on the door said: “You and I we made A suicide pact, we didn’t want to die”, while in fact it is “NO suicide pact”. I feel it was InĂ©s who crossed it out and corrected it on the door, but maybe my brain makes this up and it was someone else. Anyways, here it is:

Silke Bischoff: On the other side

Even though I dressed rather colourful in my teens, I already had a thing for the darrrrrrrrk side 🙂 This one particularly reminds me of my friend David, I am not even really sure why. I seem to remember us sitting in either my or his room, drinking tea and smoking countless cigarettes, listening to this song. For the none-Germans among you, the name of the Band Silke Bischoff has a sad background. In 1988, two men tried to rob a bank, took hostages and were on the run with them for a few days. It was the most scandalous thing ever, since the media not only interviewed them on their run, but they also hindered the police. In the end, there was a shooting, in which one of the men killed hostage Silke Bischoff.

Metallica: One

To this day I remember being in a club with my friends Judith and Samira, waiting for this song. And I remember even more vividly the conversations we had about a huge problem: how can you do your head-banging in a way that makes you look cool and sexy? 😀

Lenny Kravitz: Are you gonna go my way

I saw Lenny live twice in the 90s and lovedlovedlooooooooooved it! After the 90s, he kind of became uncool until the Stockholm incident a few weeks ago. Not much more to say 🙂

Sisters of Mercy: Temple of love

Here is my confession: I did have a poster of Ofra Haza on my wall! I thought she looked all mystic, and I loved her song “https://www.youtube.com/embed/YmEjKVXkOnU” target=”_blank”>Im Nin’alu“. But even more, I loved the Sisters’ version of the song with her! And I still do!

Manu Chao: Mala Vida

I majored in Spanish in High School, but later I felt that I was not able to communicate in it. Sure, I was able to analyse poems thoroughly, I had read Garcia Marquez and Pablo Neruda, I wrote lengthy essays on the socio-economic problems of Latin-American farmers, but I was not able to speak, let alone curse in the language. So InĂ©s and I took off for a language class holiday in Andalucia, Spain. Apart from Spanish, we learned a lot of Austrian dialect words, because there were many students from our neighbouring country. And we discovered Manu Chao, former singer of Mano Negra! To this day, the song gives me a good mood, even though it is about a bad life 🙂 Pase lo que pase, sea lo que sea, a tu manera!

Pulp: Common People

Pulp are definitely a band that I only just re-discovered. And I have to admit, I really do have a thing for rather androgynous singers (see Bowie, Brian Molco, and hence Jarvis Cocker). I bought a Best Of on sale recently, and even though I liked the song back when it came out, my English is now good enough to think that the lyrics are really funny! And oh, his cocky behaviour, and oh, the English accent ❀

I could go on and on and on, but I don’t want to bore you. Is their any particular year or decade that you miss? What was the music? Am I old?

Yours truly, madly, deeply!



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