Your fear scares me!

Fear builds walls

Germany is going through rough times if you follow the comments on various social media. I feel as if a time machine had sent me right back into the 1990s, when refugee homes were burning, set on fire by neonazis. We are experiencing an increasing entry of refugees right now, because the world is more and more out of control. And people here seem to be scared. The comments in real life and on the internet are sickening. Apart from your usual “They are taking our jobs away” you get parents that fear for their children’s safety because of these strange people. People state that the government should rather care about our own citizens instead of feeding people who don’t belong here.

The atmosphere here makes me sick to my stomach. Do people really think that people like leaving their homes and families and putting themselves into fatal danger? Everyday you can read about yet another group of refugees that drowned in the attempt to reach European shores. These people feel so threatened and helpless in their home countries that they risk their lifes for what promises to be a better world.

I don’t think that the refugees are the real problem. The problem is fear. People just seem to have a deep inner fear of losing their own standards. Everybody is looking for someone who is less worthy in the chain. The uneducated middle class is looking down at what seems to be below them – refugees are an easy target. The educated middle class is looking down at the uneducated middle class. We all seem to need something to look down at in order to feel better. To feel superior. Hey, I am better than you, and I am going to let you know! And I am going to let everybody else know that I am better! I wear the better clothes, I eat the better food. I know what’s right and what’s wrong and I despise you!

Honestly, I don’t know where this thinking comes from. Why the fear? Do you feel so bad that you have to kick others? I don’t want to lose my faith in humanity, but I do. I am scared of you scared people. Does that make me one of you?

Yours truly, madly, deeply!



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