…and sometimes, a good girly time is the solution…

…at least for now! I did not do that well this week. I felt worn out, cranky, very emotional (and not in a good way) and oh so tired. My pulse was basically non-existent in the mornings. These and other symptoms have crept up on me quietly over the past few weeks, so I decided to get them checked out. I believe my thyroid is playing tricks on me, even though I am on medication. Obviously, I consulted Dr. Google first, which is always a bad idea, but I couldn’t really help it. Well, according to Dr. Google, I could have anything from a cold to any incurable disease possible. After nearly freaking out in front of my computer, I chose the healthier option and consult my GP. Except my GP is on vacation. I mean, hello? How are doctors entitled to vacation while I am suffering from … anything?!?! So I had no choice but to go see the locum doctor, who is a very weird guy. Nevertheless, he listened, agreed that all this sounded hypothyroidy and took blood samples. He also took my blood pressure and mentioned that my pulse was rather high. Hahaha, yeah, white coat syndrome deluxe! Today I got the results, and am glad to announce that all my blood levels are superfine and I should just go on the way I am doing. Ok, doc, but I still feel the way I feel! So more research is on its way, yes!

While I was driving home on the highway (indeed, on the highway!) I made another decision though: so my general health is, thankfully, extraordinary great. I will therefore try to change my approach and not focus on the symptoms too much. I must not make myself feel worse by overthinking every symptom!

With these musing on my mind it came in handy that I had taken my leftover birthday money and booked myself a nice manicure and pedicure. Good decision! While I am usually not too much into small talk and girly talk, I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to the beautician about nail polish colours and the weather. I managed to switch off any black thoughts and just enjoyed the attention she gave me. Afterwards (because my liver levels were so fantastic as well) I bought a nice bottle of wine, made myself a good dinner and am celebrating my very own girly night! Sometimes, this is the best solution!


Yours truly, madly, deeply!




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