Resurrecting my blog: new job, new diet and some German Angst

It’s alive!!! After forgetting, neglecting and procrastinating my blog, I am finally sitting down to put some new life into it! I am typing slow though – it is HOT outside! Welcome to the German summer: two weeks ago, I had to switch on the heating in my office, today we are sweating with about 35°C. I had totally forgotten how much sweat a body can produce! But I am not complaining, I missed the sun and so did my little soul! So, yay sun! Plus, last night there was a nice summer thunderstorm, I love them! A lot of booooooooom followed by lightning, beautiful! So now, for a little update from yours truly!

I started my new job in May and I really like it! It’s a very comfortable atmosphere, my boss and colleagues are nice and the best: I only work 30 hours a week! Having Fridays off is such a luxury! It is really worth the salary cut, I just feel so much better! I am not stress when I come home and have the energy to do stuff. Definitely one of my best decisions!

Also in May, I changed my diet. Initially it was my weighing scale (the bitch!) that made me put my mental foot down and change something. I did not want to go on a diet though, because they never work. Well, they do and you lose weight and then you gain it back twice. Therefore I did some research and decided to do the LOGI method. Low Glycaemic Index. It would be rather boring to explain the complete background, but it is basically about keeping a stable blood sugar and hence insulin level. You cut out most carbs at first and re-introduce some later, but you mostly eat veggies, fruit and protein. AND, and here it comes, you cut out industrial sugar. Now, that was hard for the first two weeks! I never thought I would have withdrawal symptoms without sugar! I was cranky, kind of dizzy sometimes and I was craving it! It was well worth it, though. Since I got used to the diet, I feel much fitter in the morning. I don’t have hunger pangs anymore and just feel more stable. Plus, and that goes with increased exercising as well, I fit into clothes that did not work well 6 weeks ago! The weight loss is very very slow, but I hope it stays off, then! So, yay for that, too!

The third thing I started dealing with was my only anxiety leftover: driving on the Autobahn, the German highway. What is a dream for many foreigners is a nightmare for me! I fear that I could lose control and cause an accident on the highway. It has gotten to a point where I avoided it more and more, and as a result, I panic more. But I’ve had it now and booked two lessons with a driving teacher. It is really funny to drive to driving school in your own car 🙂 The first lesson went really well, I felt safe and nothing happened. During the second lesson though, I started panicking. All I wanted was to leave the bloody highway and stop the car and cry. But I didn’t! I sat through it and when the attack faded, I was so relieved and relaxed! Now the next step is to do it in my own car without the teacher. And I will!

Now, since it has not cooled down in my apartment at all, I shall relocate to the balcony and I leave y’all to this lovely summer night!

Yours truly, madly, deeply!



7 thoughts on “Resurrecting my blog: new job, new diet and some German Angst

  1. Diabetes made me change my diet. Almost no carbs, no sugar and a lot of vegetables and low sugar fruit. First I was amazed about how good apples can taste, but the effect has worn off by now. I simply crave carbs every now and then. Not sugar, just bread. And when I say I crave carbs, I mean I have to have them. Now. Immediately. A lot of them.

    I hope you will be able to stick to your new diet. Having lots of experience with all kinds of diets (being anorexic and bulimic as a teenager) I found out that for me simply eating less for a limited period of time (four weeks or so) does the trick. I might gain back some of the weight I lost, but never all of it. Just NOT eating certain foods is a guarantee for hunger pangs that make me gain even more weight.

    • Agreed! The funny thing is that now when I crave carbs, I am done after a small amount. Sweets taste too sweet! But I do have my breakfast bread now. I am too German not to 😀

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