Back in the 90s, I swore to myself…

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Next week marks my 20th anniversary of my coming of age… I can see your brains frantically calculating my age now 🙂 Please be kind and remember that here in Germany, we only need to wait 18 years until we are legally allowed to do everything legal! Anyways, I was a teenager in the 1990s, and as much as my concept of a possible future was rather vague, I had my mind set very straight on a couple of things. I remembered this when I went out for some unexpected retail therapy with my beloved Ana the other day and purchased an item that I SWORE to myself in the 90s I would never ever wear. Since then, I have been trying to remember the things I was pretty certain of in the 90s and seeing what the outcome is.

So here it goes: Back in the 90s, I swore to myself….

  • …that I would never ever wear skinny jeans. Not even straight leg jeans, really. I was going to stick to my flared jeans forEVER! I kept this promise for 20 years. I gave in to straight leg jeans because for quite some time there was no way to get flared jeans anywhere. But last week, I complained to Ana how I cannot find any jeans and that those skinny jeans never fit me – not because my posterior is too big, it is my ankles and calves! I would say now I must have fat ankles, but I prefer to go with “I am too toned” hahaha. Anas face lit up and she proceeded to drag me to a store I always avoid because it does not seem very appealing. She confidently grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans, ushered me to the dressing rooms and told me to put them on. What can I say: they suit me, they really do! And the make a very nice silhouette! Needless to say, I bought them, and am very happy with them (so is Mr. Betterhalf btw.)!
  • …that any hole in my jeans would have to be earned – through dancing, falling, climbing, whatever! No, no, NO! pre-tailored rips and holes! Well, I have been successful with creating my own jeans-holes. But now, those skinny jeans I mentioned above, have pre-tailored holes in them at the knees. So basically, I paid money for pants with holes in them! Teenage me would be outraged!
  • …that I would never stop loving the music of “The Doors”. I still love The Doors. And Janis and everything along that line.
  • …that I would never stop admiring Jim Morrison. Oh, I was so in love with Jim. I read his biography back in the 90s and was so fascinated by how lost he was and how he struggled. I read his biography again two years ago and here is my insight: Jim Morrison was a drunkard and an impolite idiot. Sometimes it hurts to get older! Plus, I still wonder how I could not notice the horrible translation of the book back in the 90s. Terrible!
  • …that I would still hang out with most of my friends from the 90s. I don’t, and for the most parts, I think that’s ok. I have a few friends from back then that are still a huge part of my life. Others are not, and that’s how life goes!
  • …that I would never get married. I have been successful with this so far, but marriage does not seem THAT scary to me any more… just a little bit 😀
  • …that I would never drink shots of Jenever again. And with this goes the promise that I would never vomit from alcohol ever again. Nailed it!
  • …that I would go to San Francisco some day… you guessed it… with a flower in my hair! I still have not been to the US, mostly because I am really not fond of flying. Flying in Europe is easy, because flights are rarely longer than 3 hours. And there are other places I would prefer to go before going to SF!
  • …that I would not cut my hair and end up as a grey and long-haired granny! I broke that promise and did cut my hair but it has been growing for a while now. Granted that I have a few more decades, I shall be that granny!

So, what were your promises to yourself when you were teenagers? Did life turn out as you expected? The funny thing is, I never had any specific expectations. Maybe I was too realistic at the time, or maybe I am still a dreamer! The things I swore to myself throughout my adulthood have become less but much more profound. This will be a topic for a different post. For now, enjoy your weekend!

Yours truly, madly, deeply!



6 thoughts on “Back in the 90s, I swore to myself…

  1. I enjoyed that.

    “Never cut my hair” – Failed 😀
    “Jim Morrison was just a stupid drunkard, wannabe Poet and an asshole, after all.” – Check!
    “I will never play standard Blues/Rock n’ Roll” – Failed and happy about it.
    “I will never get a tattoo” – kept that one up the longest, but “it’s strange what desire will make foolish people do” 😀
    “I will never get pierced” – I am positive I will keep that one up.
    “I will never marry and get kids” – Never say never.
    “Will never play covers” – Failed big time, for good.
    “I will be a rockstar” hahaha… right.

    • Was thinking about you, too, when I wrote this! Ah, forgot the tattoo! I always wanted one but wanted to wait until I found the right one. I did! Got pierced, too, but had to take it out a few years ago.
      Rockstars suck 😀

  2. I don’t remember much of the 90’s (I was also a teenager then, turned 18 in ’94) but I’m fairly sure that where I am now is not anywhere near where I thought I’d be. Overall though, I’m not unhappy about where life has taken me. 🙂

  3. Hm. Actually, I cannot really think of something that I swore myself not to do… But I remember what I wanted: I wanted to live close to the beach with a job that didn’t make me work from 9 to 5 every day. And guess what: That’s exactly what I got.

    Why concentrate on things you don’t want? It’s so much more fun to think about the things you want to do and then…. Just do it.

    I am off to the beach now 😉

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