The karma saw

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Take a seat, dear reader, and make yourself comfortable. I am not posting as regularly as I’d like to, but ever since I am working full-time again in a sucky job, I don’t feel like spending any more time on my computer very often. Well, I am getting paid ok at least, so not too much complaining on that matter!

Today’s post is about karma and saws. “How does that correlate?”, you might wonder, but sit still and listen read. There is a wonderful expression in German, which translates with “There comes the day, when the saw will saw.” The saw will saw, hahaha (demonic laughter)! I first thought about it when my uncle passed away a few months ago. I am not shedding any tears, because our families fell out with each other many years ago. I will not bore you with the juicy details, and I still believe that I was in the right and he was in the wrong, and I suppose he thought the opposite. I imagined many times how I would run into him one day and the saw would finally saw. I imagined how I would face him with my side of the story and how he would be oh so sorry. But – bummer – the chance is gone and it is my bad! And this is why you should always try to sort out conflicts at the time being and not “in the future”.

So this is exactly what I have been trying. Until a few years ago, I was part of a group of four bffs. Again, I am not going to bore you with the details, but for some reason I am not part of the group anymore and I have no idea why. One of them is totally blocking me. I am sure I did something that hurt her, but I have no idea what it is, and I have been trying to find out for a while now, but she ignores me. So in the aftermath of my own saw-that-did-not-saw with my uncle, I sent an email to all three girls. I explained my side of the story and kindly (really, kindly indeed) asked them to enlighten me. That was four weeks ago. I got no reply at all! Nothing! I am done with the matter now, but I want to state how much I detest this arrogant and ignorant behaviour am firmly convinced that one day, the saw will saw!

I do believe in the concept of karma. I believe that everything you do and the energy you send out comes back to you some day, somehow, in good and bad ways. And maybe the energies I sent out to the girls are coming back to me now. Maybe their energies will come back to them one day. It’s hard to say who started the karma, huh 🙂

And then this happened: there is a girl whom I was friends with in university. After graduating, our lives just took different directions and we have not talked in what are literally years. Of course, we follow each other on Mr. Zuckerberg’s network, but we never really communicated. Two weeks ago she hit me up on messenger and just said how time flew by and would I be up for coffee or wine because she had read my blog a lot and she missed me. I was over the moon, really! I am so happy that she contacted me! The saw is sawing!

So, that is what is important in friendships and in any kind of relationship. It does not matter how often you talk, how many times one person called and how many times the other one did. The only thing that matters is that you do talk when the time is right. I am blessed with a good circle of friends. I see some of them on a regular basis, and talk to others every few months. But frequencies do not matter, as long as energies are good!

I will no longer obsess over people who are not willing to exchange thoughts. I want to focus on the now and on what I have instead of worrying about the past. Karma will work its ways, and there comes the day, when the saw will saw!

Yours truly, madly, deeply!


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