The magic of New Year’s Day


Feuerwerk 01.01.2015 00-57-56

Happy new year, everybody! I hope your year will be filled with love, happiness and good health!

New Year’s Day always feels magic to me. Of course it is just another day and your worries, problems, excitements and happiness are not going to disappear, lessen or worsen. Still, it feels like a fresh start. While New Year’s Eve presented itself grey and foggy all day, today started with bright sunshine! I felt somewhat restless and in need of a workout, so I decided to go for a New Year’s Walk. And for the first time in ages, I decided to take my DSLR camera with me.

I had nearly forgotten how much walking around with a camera helps me clear my head. Looking for interesting details for the camera, my mind also settles down and focuses on single thoughts instead of pondering over complex issues. The crispy air also helped to feel more awake and clear! My walk took me to my favourite cemetery. I love that place, because it is a mix of old and new graves, history and everyday people, and it has some of the prettiest trees ever.

Baum Wintersonne 01.01.2015 13-33-44

The winter sun creates a very special atmosphere, that I find very soothing. Unfortunately, there isn’t any snow at them moment, but the world still feels kind of blurry. Today I could feel that the new year is also blurry, but laid out beautifully in front of me. It will have sun and shadow, and both are necessary to see the other.

Engel Rose 01.01.2015 13-36-18

I stop every time I pass this headstone. I like the way the woman (angel? Mary?) is holding the urn; you can see that she loves and cares. There is always a fresh red rose in her arm – the grave is very old and I wonder who takes care of it. When I edited the photo today though, I noticed that my perception has changed a bit. I used to be and still am to a certain degree like that woman – the way she is clinging to the past and holding it tight. I have learned and firmly believe though, that her way is kind of unhealthy. She cannot let go. I have learned that you have to let go of certain things to be able to move on and to actually live. She is embracing the past eternally. I stopped by to spend a few thoughts on things in the past, and then I moved on. I walked and felt relieved and filled with hope!

Engel stehend 01.01.2015 13-42-37

Then I discovered her. She looks much more at peace with the past. She will stay there for a while and then turn around and move on!

Later today at dusk, Mr. Betterhalf and I went to a nearby park to see the winter lights. There are illuminations all over the park – it is like a little wonderland!

Lichtbaum 01.01.2015 17-48-39

I got to see more of my beloved trees, this time all illuminated! We saw a fairytale castle, giant glowing mushrooms (no, really, they were there, we did not consume any 😉 ), and big glowing balloons. The moon, which is almost full, was an extra cool illumination of the scene.

I feel very content today. I do not want to start all over again, but the canvas is once again clean. I can use the content and tools I have to fill it differently, improved even. I can take last year’s insights and let them help me with the new year!

Blessings to you all on this magic day!

Yours truly, madly, deeply!


All photos used in this blog are mine unless stated otherwise. Feel free to use them if you like, but be decent and link to this site!


7 thoughts on “The magic of New Year’s Day

  1. Wow this is great! I really like your pictures. I can completely relate to having a DSLR clear my mind, such a refreshing feeling. Photography gives you a different perspective on everything in life. Sadly, I recently had to sell my camera.

    Very cool! Mind if I ask what city the cemetery is in? It’s very pretty.

    Have a fantastic week and new year!

    -Elder Halling

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