Spice up your life, Pt. 3: mint, rucola and raspberry

I am really getting into finding out more about the effect of certain foods! Initially, I was just trying to find out how to boost my immune system without supplements while being ill for four weeks. I had been put on several antibiotics, but the germ always came back. I seem to have recovered now, but the curiosity about herbalism and health effects of food remains! Also, I have been and am craving healthy food, something which is highly welcome for me! And there is so much to learn! The post today will explore mint, rucola and raspberry; at the end of the post I will give you an example of how to use them all in one dish!


Mint / Mentha piperita (Picture source)

Just like myself, most of you might have a rather negative connotation when it comes to mint: you usually drink peppermint tea from tea bags when you are sick and might not turn to this amazing herb if you don’t have to. Hopefully you will change you mind after reading this post!

Mint grows almost everywhere on the Northern hemisphere. In my experience – and I really do not have a green thumb – it is very easy to grow and maintain at home. It is antibacterial, antiseptic and anticonvulsive. It also has a soothing and pain killing effect! Therefore it is a good choice if you suffer from stomach problems headaches and also with PMS!

The most common way to consume it for stomach problems is through tea. And please, do yourself a favour and try fresh mint tea instead of the tea bags! It will be a total taste adventure for you! You might also want to add honey and maybe even a slice of orange, its yummy!

Mint oil is also really good! It might gently blow away your headache if you rub your temples with some oil. I even have a mint role-on from the organic shop that I always carry in my handbag. It is very refreshing!

For hot days, it is really nice to take some mint leaves and just put them into your water – refreshing!



Rucola/ Eruca Sativa (Picture source)

Rucola – you might think ‘Isn’t that just salad’? Well, yes, it is salad, even though it takes stronger and spicier than your usual green salad. Therefore it is also used as a spice. And it has strong medical effects , too: it has a digestive effect due to the bitters that it contains. It is antibacterial and diuretic. It also boosts the immune system!

You should be careful though if you suffer from certain thyroid conditions: rucola contains a lot of iodine and is therefore not your food of choice for a thyroid hyperfunction or hashimoto! Rucola is also known to store nitrate. Therefore (as with all food), it is all about the amount. Too much of anything, really, is not healthy!


Raspberry/ Rubus Idaeus (Picture source)

Finally something that I know is still growing in our woods and gardens! When I was a kid, I used to eat tons of wild raspberries!

Raspberries contain a sh**load of vitamin C and just taste fruity and fresh! But did you know that they also have antibiotic effects? They do! They also have a good impact on your digestion! Raspberries are said to work well on bladder or kidney infections and heart burn. It seems that they are really a superfood!

Last weekend, I did manage to use mint, rucola and raspberries to create a fantastic Summer salad! Here is what I used (you might just add whatever suits you): rucola, tomatoes, mozzarella, champignons, mint and raspberries:

wash and clean the rucola and place it in a salad bowl. Cut the tomatoes and the cheese; they also go into the bowl. Clean the mushroom and cut them into slices which you then fry until they are crispy brown. Add them to the salad, and then add the raspberries. Scatter some sea salt and ground pepper on top and then add a good olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Finally, take some mint leaves and mix them into the salad. And then: enjoy!

Now go and eat yourself healthy 🙂

Yours truly, madly, deeply!



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