Follow your nose

Today’s post is about the scented side of life. I got inspired by two things mainly: on the one hand there is one of my new favourite blogs – Thomas over at The Candy Perfume Boy explores and describes perfumes and scents in a way that actually makes you smell them! Even though I would never be able to distinguish the scents of top, heart and base notes myself, he describes them so beautifully and passionately that it takes you into the… atmosphere of how it smells. I have no better words. It is weird how it works because there is similar thing when it comes to the notes of wine – and I cannot for the life of me ever relate to what sommeliers taste in wine… strawberries, wood, fish & chips… to me there is just yummy wine or not-yummy wine 🙂 On the other hand there is the lovely Summer flu that I caught last week and that has me off class for the whole week (thanks again to my doctor for greeting me with a heartily ‘You look like shit’ on Monday 🙂 ) Said flu had my nose all blocked for a few days and I noticed very clearly how important your olfactory sense is – without it, you do not taste food, you cannot tell whether the milk is off and you miss… memories.

I have always had a strong connection between scents and memories. Smelling certain things can get me back to certain times and I can even feel the feelings I had in the situation. Scents bring back whole atmospheres, good and bad ones.

After reading Candy Perfume Boy’s last post and now that my nose is functioning again, I put on my all time favourite Summer perfume: Sun by Jil Sander. This perfume has been with me ever since I was 16. It is a pure Summer thing and when I smell it, everything feels brighter and a bit more in line. It reminds me of holidays in Italy, of the Sea and of light-hearted times! The Winter equivalent is Hypnotic Poison by Dior. It is very, very heavy but man! It smells like seduction!

When I am down or feeling a bit low, I usually light an oil burner with vanilla oil or sandalwood. The warm scent makes me feel like wrapped up in a blanket.

Another perfume, for men this time, that puts me back into a certain feeling is L’Eau d’Issey by Issey Miyake. This brings me back to a time full of change, difficult times but with a different outlook on life. Oh, and Coolwater by Davidoff always catapults me to my early teenage years when EVERY boy used that scent 🙂

I have very ambivalent feelings about the pure scent of patchouli. I do find it repulsive, yet fascinating. I don’t know what that is but it is very weird 🙂

There are also scents that bring back very bad memories – lily for example. Lily is only connected to funerals. That is a shame because the flower is so lovely! Also a certain disinfection detergent makes me sick to the stomach because it is used in many hospitals.

I could go on and on, but for now I will light some more candles and make myself feel good!

What scents do you like? Is it true that the olfactory sense influences our choice in partners? Which perfume do you use and why?

Yours truly, madly, deeply!



5 thoughts on “Follow your nose

  1. Interesting post. I could also never be a sommelier or a perfume expert; my olfactory self functions on a binary yes/no system. I’m also not into perfumes like most women, but I do own a few that I’ve liked for many years. Interestingly enough, I too have summer/winter perfumes: for summer, it’s Orange by Hugo Boss (it used to be a light green tea fragrance by Bulgari whose name escapes me), and for winter it’s Paco Rabanne Black XS. But the one and only perfume that personifies me is By Dolce&Gabbana.

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