Wonderwoman wonders…

Today I added a lifetime event to my Facebook timeline: I became Wonderwoman. Yes, dear reader, that’s right! I got up today, started spinning around and turned into her! Uh huh! Because I can! Anyways, being a proper Wonderwoman, I should start wondering. Or, maybe it’s exactly the other way around: I come across so many things that make me wonder that it turned me into said heroine 🙂

So today, I would like to share three things with you that have made me wonder recently, things that I do not understand (apart from Chinese and Hebrew. Really.):

1. Gourmet discrimination

If you have followed my blog as carefully as you should, you might know that I belong to the species of omnivores. I prefer this term to the word “carnivore” since I do not eat meat only, but everything. I would rather call myself a healthy flexitarian! Mr. Betterhalf though is a vegetarian. We usually cook vegetarian dishes when we are together but if I feel the need to add dead animals to it, I do it in a different pan. He even buys ham for me when we are at his place because he loves the way I enjoy yummy food. I’d say we live a very happy co-diet 🙂 Restaurants can be tricky though. And usually, what happens is this: we sit down, look at the menu. When the waiter arrives and we have not found any vegetarian dishes on the menu (yes, there are places that don’t have a single dish!), we say “Oh, excuse me, he is vegetarian. Would it be possible for the chef to stir something up for him?” Of course this is in a low voice – never draw attention to yourself 🙂 Then the waiter looks at Mr. Betterhalf knowingly and then makes sure that the strange man gets his strange food. Sorted.

Now, Wonderwoman wonders: What if we went to a vegetarian restaurant? Could we also look at the menu and then get the waiter and whisper “Excuse me Sir, she is a… achem… carnivore. Would you mind to fry a steak for her?” Would they give me that pitying look and nod graciously? Would it not be really discriminating if not? I have to admit I have not had the guts to do it yet. Mr. Betterhalf would totally be in. If I feel the need to face a big dare one day, I’ll do it and let you know! 🙂

2. Scented toilet paper

I went to the store the other day and grabbed a pack of toilet paper without really checking it out. I mean, who stands in front of the toilet paper shelf and checks out design and features and stuff? No-one, really. I guess. Well, I don’t, obviously. So when I came home I noticed I had purchased toilet paper with a fresh spring scent. That’s right, toilet paper adjusts to the seasons! When I think about it, two years ago I wondered why my bathroom smelled like cinnamon during the Christmas holidays and found out that it was the toilet paper. Now, honestly: who invents these things? And why? It’s not that you hang the TP up in your bathroom to make it smell nice, right? No! You wipe your well-formed posterior with it! And without going into detail, the smell of your wipe-off target will totally trump the scent of the paper! Why????

3. Food challenges

Now this is something I really do not understand. There is this rather new vegan life-style guru here in Germany, whom I, admittedly, cannot stand because he is a total hypocrite. This is not my point though, and no, I am not trying to bash vegans here. I have tried some of his recipes and they are good and kind of helped pulling the vegan cuisine out of the boring-grain-only corner. He has come up with food challenges – people undergo the “challenge” of eating vegan only for a month or two to try the effect. Fine. You want to experience what good or bad a vegan diet does for your body, try it. But a CHALLENGE? How can food be a challenge? You should enjoy food, and a challenge surely implies that it is difficult and something you have to achieve through big efforts! In my opinion, this is heading straight into an eating disorder! People that try the challenge think about their diet 24/7, which is obsessive. I think it’s outrageous to promote something like this! And believe me, I know about food challenges. When my big little brother was going through chemo, THAT was a food challenge. You are only allowed to eat certain things and have to be careful all the time. When I was diagnosed with various food allergies, it was a challenge to find out which alternatives I had to make the symptoms go away. So please, try whatever suits you, but don’t promote challenges when it comes to nutrition!

I shall go now and find more wonder-ful things!

Yours truly, madly deeply!

Lunatique Wonderwoman


6 thoughts on “Wonderwoman wonders…

  1. I’d love to hear how the challenge from no.1 works out. I’m coming soon to your ‘hood anyway, to be a support to you in your omnivoristic pursuits.

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