Welcome to the German Perspective!

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Well, you are here – welcome to “The German Perspective”!

Perspective – from Latin perspicere: to see through

Life is all about perspective, about the way you look at things. If you look through a camera, you only see a certain angle of the big picture and do not know what is outside. But if zoom in or out or change the angle, you get a new understanding of what you are looking at. Same in life. You can walk around with blinkers all the time and limit yourself to your detail of choice. This is comfortable, isn’t it? It also gets boring after a while. Change the perspective! Input is everywhere – talk to friends, to strangers even, travel, read, take pictures or paint. Be creative!

‘The German Perspective’ does not claim to represent my fellow citizens at all – it’s just my very own view on things; my perspective! Feel free to explore the categories! In ‘Big City Lights and Country Roads’ you find travel tales and observations and pictures. If you rather look at pictures, check out ‘Photography‘! Life is odd and provides great story material which I put into ‘Tales life tells’. I am a bit obsessed with languages and would like to share some funny linguistic insights with you in the ‘Linguistics’ section. The ‘Body & Soul’ category covers exactly that: body and soul. Here we have my attempt to try and love the “downwards-facing dog” in yoga,  spiritual topics and, in a sub-category, ‘Food and Drink‘! In ‘Advice from the past‘ you find memories in the form of letters that my grandparents exchanged when Granddad was a POW!

My mother tongue is German, and even though I think my English is pretty good, I might make mistakes or say something funny every now and then. Which blows me since I am a total grammar Nazi – and this is the only Nazi reference here – don’t mention the war! However, if you find any mistakes you might keep them or, even better, let me know, I can only improve!

I hope you enjoy yourselves here, feel free to comment and like as feedback is what we need to change our perspectives every now and then! For personal feedback, email me at thegermanperspective@gmail.com!

Yours truly, madly, deeply!



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