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So you’re a productive member of society. You’ve got a proper, rather unspectacular 9-to-5 job and – at least if you’re German – you are entitled to about 30 days off. Not too bad, if you think about it – 6 weeks off… but still, 48 working weeks. So those holidays are sacred! And you plan them well. Your rather average salary lets you go on one, maybe two bigger trips. You book well in advance because your boss wants to know who is away and when and you cannot wait for your vacation to come. First you count months, then weeks, then days… it’s very close now, VERY close.

Then your back starts hurting. It might be a slipped disk! It MUST be a slipped disk! How can you possibly go on a plane with a slipped disk? And isn’t your throat getting itchy? No, not itchy, it hurts like hell! Your holiday is in danger, because as we all know, you can not get throat medicine abroad. And the air condition on the plane is surely going to make it worse. Oh my god, the plane. What if it crashes? What then??? You have paid all that money in advance and then your stupid plane crashes?! And what if you forget something really important… like socks. You cannot go without socks for 10 days. It’s a disaster! And to make it worse, your stomach starts to feel weird. Salmonella? So short before those holidays? You are cursed. You are DOOMED!

Sounds familiar? Congratulations, you just won a ticket to join me in my travel nerves. In German, we call it “Reisefieber” – travel fever, which makes it sound more serious, doesn’t it? I have suffered from travel nerves all my life. No matter how often I tell myself that I am just excited about the vacation, it still happens. I start getting really nervous and am convinced that I will be so sick that I will not be able to travel. I get it with other things that I am looking forward to as well.

But why is that? It might be superstition, maybe I just HAVE to do it so that everything goes well. Or am I so looking forward to my vacation that it would be a nightmare if it did not happen? Of course it would! I need to prevent it with my super strong willpower!

Needless to say, as soon as I am on the road, as soon as the vacation starts I cannot remember why I was so worried. I love travelling. I don’t like planes very much but I manage. I love to see new places, meet new people.

Two more sleeps until I go on vacation this time. Two more days of psychosomatic freaking-out and a pulse in fat burning mode. But I am sure, when I am back it will all be forgotten and I can finally provide you with new pics and tales. Until then, I shall enjoy the fever!

Wherever you go, be safe!

Yours truly, madly, deeply!





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