‘Un poco loco’ or ‘not on!’?

keep-calm-and-love-your-crazy-friends_large source

We all do crazy things at time – because we are in love or because we aren’t; because we are drunk or because we aren’t; because good or bad things happened or because it’s just one of those days. ‘My friends are crazy’ is usually rather a compliment and being a bit crazy surely makes life much funnier and more exciting.

But where is the line between ‘un poco loco’ and ‘not on’? Usually, when someone is going through a crazy phase you just try to support them or try to prevent them from too much trouble. You mention that a certain behaviour might be ‘a bit too much’ or you just laugh. You might even get into a fight over it but usually it all calms down in the end and later you just have a laugh about it together.

I often imagine doing a movie, ‘Reality bites’-style (those of you who were half-way conscious through the 1990s will remember that one) in which my friends and I obviously star ourselves. Or I star my friend and she stars the other friend… but that might get confusing. Most lives are at least as exciting as those movies! You just have to point out the highlights!

The other night my friend and I were talking about this movie idea once more because there seems to be a lot of crazy cosmic energy going around these days – people are just going mad! And no no no, I am not being patronising here, I might be in for craziness but you see: I am the author of this blog so I am well entitled to write about the world around me and not about myself! 🙂 So anyways, we were talking, setting up the best scenes but then the question occurred: how much crazy is good? You might have known someone for years and then the craziness starts and you hope it’s just a phase and he or she snaps out of it. But he or she doesn’t. Is it ok to withdraw then, even doubt the friendship? Because you discover things and opinions in the person that you feel you cannot tolerate anymore and that are totally out of line. Substantial stuff. Even if you are not the target of their craziness, even if you’re just watching.

What do you do? Should you sit down with the person and try to express your concern and doubts? Or is that inappropriate? Should you wait it out and then act like everything is normal? Should you just go away without an explanation? Or should you be fair even though you know things will never be the same? Or, which is the worst solution, should you just sit back and laugh?

This one is an article that does not have answers, just questions. And I am really curious about opinions! So opinion away!

Yours truly, madly, deeply!



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