Resolution: Go with the flow

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‘I live in the future!’ This is what my friend Tourmama usually says when she discovers new breath-taking features on her very smart phone – we are not the techno kids really, so some things are just amazing – checking into a flight with just your phone and without your boarding pass for example!

My ‘I live in the future’ is rather a curse though. I am a very organised person which is a good thing, but I constantly think about what to do next. Simple example: chores for the night are washing the dishes and ironing. So I am already mentally ironing while I am cleaning the dishes! Now you might say that washing dishes is not really a matter of living the moment. And you are right of course.

As I said, being organised is a good thing. Planning helps a lot. When I am meeting a friend at a bar, I organise my evening accordingly which gives me enough time to get dressed and ready and be on time. Some of my friends live their moments so much that all of a sudden – ‘Ooops! I was supposed to meet Lunatique right now! Nevermind, I just send her a text message to let her know that I’ll be half an hour late! Sorted!’ Not ok, because I am already there waiting. And mobile phones are the doom of punctuality really because you can just let somebody wait because at least you told them!! I seem to be the one who usually organises weekends away, too, because my in-the-moment friends would not even think of checking flight costs or train tickets or hotel availability until the day is there. When I planned my wonderful trip to Hamburg I did sit it out a bit because I was just peed off that I am always the one planning it all. When my friend finally got her head around checking for accommodation, most of the affordable places were already booked out. Which was a huge surprise for her – why the hell would so many people spend a weekend in Hamburg where you can see stuff and have fun and have a great time?

So that’s where my planning is handy. The same applies for work or stuff that just has to be done. But I do not seem to be able to stop the advanced thinking when I have the time to just go with the flow. It was really notable at my birthday last week. I had the day off and all the time in the world to prepare food and drink and myself and even to take a nap. I stressed myself so much about what to do next and how the night would go that I was way too nervous to take said nap. As a result I nearly crashed when I finally sat and wound down about Midnight. Everyone was partying and I was exhausted.

But I am hopeful that I can work on the issue. Last week, Tourmama and I went for dinner. Of course I had planned when I was going to go home because there was so much to do the next day – I had the day off, too – but then it was such a lovely spring evening that I just let go. And we ended up sitting outside drinking until waaay after Midnight. And I enjoyed it so much! Interestingly, the only other thing that absorbs me so much that I can enjoy the moment is when I am writing into my journal. It slows down the time and my thinking. Weird, isn’t it?

So my resolution for my personal new year is to go with the flow more often. To find a balance between organisation that is needed and living the moment. I fought so hard to not be clinging to the past all the time anymore, now it’s time for the present 🙂

How about you? Any tips for me?

Your’s truly, madly, deeply!


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3 thoughts on “Resolution: Go with the flow

  1. My friends from South America are very good at it. Carlos, for example. Being with him is really a bit like being on a vacation. A date with him never turns out as planned, but it’s always exciting and never stressful – if you manage to let go.

      • Just hang around those people for a while. It’s contagious… Or travel to Cuba or any other country like that and try to live there for a while. Planning doesn’t work. After a while you’ll find out that you really can’t do anything. You have to lay back and relax…

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