My lovely horse

my lovely horse

After the scandal about horse meat being sold as beef in England, it has hit Germany, too. Horse meat has been found in ready-made lasagne of quite a few suppliers in different supermarkets. Well, I guess people should be glad that it was some sort of meat after all and not something really gross! But it was not only horse meat; it was polluted horse meat, polluted with medication of some kind. And – I should have expected it – there they were again: my friends, the vegans.

I lost count of the vegan statements on Facebook saying something like ‘Well, what are the evil carnivores complaining about? They eat meat and beef and poultry, why not horse? Their problem is that they do eat meat in the first place which is unhealthy, unethical and the root of all evil.’ Of course, this does not go without them stating that they are the only righteous humans. Man, how this pisses me off!

Yes, you can find a lot of statistics stating that humans are totally able to live healthily without animal products. You will find as many statistics stating that a vegan diet is not sufficient and will lead to lack of certain micronutrients. This is the thing with statistics: do not believe any statistic which you haven’t forged yourself! It is called ‘guiding cognitive interest’! But this is not even my point, my point is:

Has preaching ever – EVER! convinced anybody to change anything? I have a lot of vegetarian friends and I never heard any of them preaching. In fact, sometimes I didn’t even know they were vegetarian because they don’t peddle it. It’s just something they have decided for themselves. A lot of vegans though seem to have some sort of inferiority complex, otherwise they would not have to go on a crusade and constantly insult people who do not choose the same life style. I’d be much more interested if they didn’t. I am open for information anytime. One of my favourite chocolate cakes is a vegan one – I discovered it at a vegan friend’s birthday party and loved it because it is the chocolatiest thing ever and not because it’s vegan! I do like to eat vegetarian and vegan meals if they are yummy! I do have respect for people being so concerned about the animals’ cause that they decide to not use animal products anymore. And I try to take this into consideration when I invite them to my place. As I do with Muslims, Jews or people who are allergic. So, at my last birthday party I had vegan dishes, vegetarian dishes and beef dishes but no pork. Just in case! Does anybody ever return this favour? I, for example, am allergic to wheat and several other ingredients. I do not expect people to be aware of this when they throw a party and prepare their food. I am touched if they are (and, in fairness, one of my vegan friends made sure her cake was made of spelt flour). I do not mind not being able to eat wheat because it is not good for anything anyway – but do I preach about it? Do I keep telling people how unhealthy it is, that it only increases their insulin level and causes hunger pangs? No, I don’t! Because it is their decision. Do I walk around with a meat-flag? No, it’s just something I’ve decided for myself.

And I personally believe that evolution-wise, humans are natural carnivores. I think it’s well possible to live without meat if you like. But I think we do need milk products. I love meat but I did become more aware of the problem of factory farming and meat being polluted with antibiotics and stuff. When I was a student, this was not my number 1 priority. My major concern back then was how to pay the drinks at night and since I did not have much money, I bought cheap meat. Now that I am working, I can afford to look for regional, even organic meat. I now rather consume less but better meat. And I am not struck by the scandal because I do not buy ready-made meals. If you cook fresh products it is your decision what is in there. Still, the horse meat thing is a scandal because people thought they knew what they were getting and they were betrayed. I mean, what would vegans say if there was……. genetically modified gherkin in their ready-made zucchini casserole? 🙂

I just hate the bigot sermons – no, we do not harm any animals! Sure, we pollute the air with the big ass cars we drive and the mega concert shows we go to and we cause electric smog like hell but NOOOOOOO we do not harm any living beings. Do you not? You surely pollute my air, too. But I guess it’s my own fault if I breathe it.

I do not want to eat horse meat if I am not aware of it. Just like I do not want to eat genetically modified corn without knowing. Stop putting yourselves into a higher position – I’ll only respect your views if you respect mine.

Now, even with the risk of now being attacked by the vegan army – I feel better 😀

Have a look at my lovely horse!

Yours truly, madly, deeply!



4 thoughts on “My lovely horse

  1. “I mean, what would vegans say if there was……. genetically modified gherkin in their ready-made zucchini casserole?” Possibly the best line of the year, hahahaha. I am re-blogging this. This post made me very happy. You go, girl!!

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