Hokey Pokey

This post today will be a rant rather than one of my peaceful find-your-path-meditations from the other day. I mean, my blood was already boiling before I got up this morning when I checked my bank account. My rental agency has announced to raise the prices for some non-acceptable reason, I filed objection like four times but they just ignore me. I mean, they don’t even get back to me AT ALL! And since they have direct debit authorisation, of course this morning I found that they just took more rent of my account. So I had to reverse the payment and write them an evil Email before even having a coffee.

And then, and this is getting me to the topic of today’s blog, I log onto Facebook and see ‘The poke’. ‘XX has poked you’. Well, XX has poked me before. And before that. And other people do it. I never poke back. Because seriously…. WHAT THE HELL?! What’s with the poking business and why does Facebook even offer the function? I mean, is poking a common way of saying hello somewhere? Does it show how much you like someone? Because if so, I certainly missed out on a lot of poking in my life!

Really, if you were someone I randomly know and you poked me before saying anything, I would sure poke you back. In your face. With my fist! And if you were a close friend and poked me…. I would still poke you back. In your face. With my fist 🙂 You just don’t do that! That’s like when you were 10 and some guy in school stuck chewing gum into your hair and your Mum would have to cut it out and dry your tears and then say (after calling the guy’s mother and talking about behaviour in a very Mum-unlike way) to you: “Hey love, he only did this because he LIKES you! Boys ARE like this!” Oh really? Well, I’ll make sure I’ll like him back tomorrow then!

And the first person here to tell me I am overreacting will get a poke. In the eye. Through the screen 😉

Soundtrack for today –  Bill Hailey’s fantastic version of Kraftwerk’s ‘Hokey Cokey’ in his (actually very funny) attempt to speak German

Yours truly, madly, deeply!



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