Perspectives on Portugal

Perspectives on Portugal

It’s been a while since my last travel post – man, I love travelling, and I love to write about it! So this time it’s Portugal, where Mr. Betterhalf and I recently spent two weeks . I am full of praise! I do admit that I did not research much about the country before we … Continue reading

Sunflower girl

From my teenage years on, I have always been Sunflower girl. I loved sunflowers, and they matched my hippie phase so well! I had them everywhere:

Hello darkness, my old friend!

I’ve come to talk with you again! And this time, I really want to talk. I talk, that is, and you keep quiet. We go way back, darkness, you and I, but I feel that it’s time to take our relationship to another level. This level, darkness, is the break-up level. I cannot take it … Continue reading

Time’s flight

Time is such a weird concept! Every New Year’s Day, I expect time to progress slower than at the end of a year. Because I am slower, too, during that period, I would like time to slow down sometimes. But it seems to go faster than ever. And while I am usually rather upset about … Continue reading


I had a rough few weeks, dear readers, weeks that resulted in a visit to the doc’s today to finally find out that I have got a few slipped disks that are the reason for my pain. It’s gonna be fine, it’ll just take a while. And in my relief, I turned to my journal … Continue reading

The Christmas feeling

It is 12 degrees outside and raining, and it is Christmas Eve tomorrow. I talked to my Dad today and said that I don’t feel christmassy at all. He said that he hadn’t felt the Christmas mood in years, and I could only agree.  I do remember the Christmas feeling as a child though. In … Continue reading

Looking at 2016…

I know that it’s a tad early to write an end-of-the-year post, but I haven’t written in ages, and tonight I feel like it, even though I am super tired. I spent the last two evenings in the company of lovely people, and there is more to come this week. We had good conversations, everybody … Continue reading

Five songs of my life

The other night I was sitting in my room with my headphones on, going through my tracklists and youtube. While I have a lot of favourite songs, I started wondering about my life songs. You know, songs that just never die for you, songs that have a meaning to you beyond being your favourite at … Continue reading

I wanna be in America

I like to be in America! O.K. by me in America! Ev’rything free in America For a small fee in America! This is from Westside Story and I had the song in my head the minute Mr. Betterhalf and I decided to go on an US road trip! I will most likely bore y’all with … Continue reading

Six feet under

Tomorrow, September 10th, marks my brother’s anniversary – 9 years, how did that happen? I never really thought about the fact that he is really IN this grave. I mean, I know he is, but I never found it spooky or anything. Until I started digging….

Trading pain for happy memories?

Today is my brother Erik’s 36th birthday. For some reason, this day becomes sadder for me the longer he is dead. It’s been almost 9 years now, unbelievable! I went to the cemetery for the first time this year. I don’t go there often. While I love cemeteries, it is not the place I need … Continue reading

I am a Muslim, don’t panic!

Catchy headline, isn’t it? To avoid any confusion, this post is not about Muslims or religion at all. I am still a spiritual Atheist, and it is not about that, either. It is about our perception of the current state of the world. And when I was sitting on my balcony early today, contemplating how … Continue reading

The trashcan man

It is Sunday, a warm and humid day. Mr. Betterhalf and I take a Sunday stroll. We walk through the city and enjoy the relaxed feeling – people are having ice-cream and coffee outside. Some leftover football fans are still celebrating, oblivious to the fact that not only the big final was the day before, … Continue reading

Meta feelings

Thanks to a lovely night out with my friend T., I was able to add a new word to my collection: meta rage. I suppose this term does not exist at all, but it is truly appropriate. According to T., meta rage describes the feeling of being angry about being angry. Get it? Let me … Continue reading

Diversity is a bliss

I just got home from a training seminar that I am doing for work. This was the second block of basically being locked in with 20 people – we spent four days in a hotel in the middle of nowhere.We all work in the social field, most people there are child care workers, one woman … Continue reading

The day the music died

The picture above shows the John Lennon Wall in Prague. It is a very unique spot for art and expression. Anybody is allowed to spray their pieces of graffiti on there, so it is a rare little piece of freedom, inspired by music. And the title of my blog post is inspired by the song … Continue reading

Can social media kill friendships?

It is no secret that you need a good bit of media competence. Before smartphones and social media happened you had to wait until you read the newspaper in the morning to get confronted with the news – who won the soccer, who died, who was born, who ran around naked. Or, you got woken … Continue reading

2015: Gracias a la vida!

Oh, my blog is deserted – I just did not feel it, you see! But I do have a habit of sitting down at the end of another year and look back, see what the challenges and obstacles and good things were. I was thinking about it today while Mr. Betterhalf and I were driving … Continue reading

The beauty of decay

“And everything is beautiful Because everything is dying” I recommend listening to New Model Army’s “Autumn” whilst reading this blog post. I know that the blog title and song title seem rather morbid, and they probably are… but I always had a thing for morbid, because of its beauty. Morbid is happy! But see for … Continue reading

The handyman curse

Source “Handyman, handyman, handyman, handyman….. HANDYMAN!!!!” You see, I tried, I really did. You know the legend of the candyman curse? Say it five times, and he will appear. I figured that for rhyme scheme reasons, it should work with handymen, too. It doesn’t. But let me take you back to the start of the … Continue reading

I do miss the 90s!

source “Man, I miss the 90s!” – Mr. Betterhalf and I blurted this out simultaneously, when we were out shopping and trying to find a decent pair of jeans (for him, this time). All you get is skinny jeans, loose fit jeans with yet tight bottoms or, even worse, shiny jeans! And they are all … Continue reading

Whatever happened to cards and calls

source Today marks the 8th anniversary of my brother‘s passing death. I still refuse to call it “passing”. And while I felt unusually emotional and sad on his birthday, I am doing reasonably ok today. Still, I posted a photo of him on Facebook. Later I asked myself, why exactly I am doing it. I … Continue reading

Letting go

I probably have mentioned before, that Mr. Betterhalf and yours truly are going to move to a new apartment in October. We have mastered the biggest obstacles successfully so far: we bought a kitchen together without breaking up, and we managed to decide on a sofa – a red sofa, yay!!! We paid a visit … Continue reading

Had or have?

I used to have a brother. It would be his birthday today. “He is in a better place.” – “He is dead. That’s not a place.” “It was God’s will.” – “God had nothing to do with that, believe me.” “You can still talk to him, in the cemetery.” – “I will not talk to … Continue reading

Good girls!

source My friend from Ireland showed her niece (8 years old) a recent photo of me. Friend: Look, this is my friend Lunatique! Niece: From Germany?! Friend: Yes, that’s her! Niece: She’s got a tattoo! Friend: Yes, she does! Niece: So girls CAN have tattoos!!! Friend: NO, THEY CAN’T!!!! I thought this was pretty hilarious … Continue reading

Your fear scares me!

Your fear scares me!

Germany is going through rough times if you follow the comments on various social media. I feel as if a time machine had sent me right back into the 1990s, when refugee homes were burning, set on fire by neonazis. We are experiencing an increasing entry of refugees right now, because the world is more … Continue reading

Perspectives on Prague

I am finally in the position to add another travel post to this blog – about time, I missed it! As you know, I left my job and had some leftover vacation days to take, so Mr. Betterhalf and I decided to go on a city trip for my birthday. At first, we discussed Barcelona … Continue reading

Back in the 90s, I swore to myself…

source Next week marks my 20th anniversary of my coming of age… I can see your brains frantically calculating my age now 🙂 Please be kind and remember that here in Germany, we only need to wait 18 years until we are legally allowed to do everything legal! Anyways, I was a teenager in the … Continue reading


I claim the invention of a new word: diagnophilia. If any of you know of its existence or know a word that describes the issue I am going to discuss, please let me know! The other week I was out for some nice wine with my friend. I told her that recently and for a … Continue reading

Cliché magic

I quit my job today. I fucking quit my job today! This is definitely a first! For the most part of my life, I tried to be Miss Security. I used to struggle so bad in the past and always felt that certain structures and security would prevent me from harm. Alas! It did not. … Continue reading

The kids are alright!

In the light of the Pope’s latest ramblings about children or rather about couples that decide not to have children, I found myself in a heated online discussion about the matter. While some opinions were more about how our society makes it hard for people to decide to actually have children, others were much more … Continue reading

The karma saw

Take a seat, dear reader, and make yourself comfortable. I am not posting as regularly as I’d like to, but ever since I am working full-time again in a sucky job, I don’t feel like spending any more time on my computer very often. Well, I am getting paid ok at least, so not too … Continue reading

The magic of New Year’s Day

  Happy new year, everybody! I hope your year will be filled with love, happiness and good health! New Year’s Day always feels magic to me. Of course it is just another day and your worries, problems, excitements and happiness are not going to disappear, lessen or worsen. Still, it feels like a fresh start. … Continue reading

Perspective on a new perspective

After a crazy last week before 2 weeks off I did some serious unwinding today. I went to the gym and treated myself to a manicure afterwards. After dinner I made christmas cookies. For family reasons I made them sugar-free… ugh, really 🙂 After a long overdue phone call with a dear friend I am … Continue reading

Just a very quick note…

… to say I am still alive. I have not given up on this blog, I just started working full-time again a month ago and it is taking up a lot of my energy. The rest of my energy is spent on looking for apartments with Mr. Betterhalf and trying to get my stuff done. … Continue reading

Share Your World – 2014 Week 43

I know, I know… I am skipping quite a few “Share your world” entries at the moment. But I am so busy! 🙂 Thank you, Cee, for this week’s questions! What is your favorite time of day? It depends on the day! I am not a morning person, so mornings are only good if there … Continue reading

Perspectives on Ouranoupoli (Chalkidiki, Greece)

Kalimera, readience! Yours faithfully returned from a great vacation in Greece with Mr. Betterhalf a few days ago and is tanned, happy and relaxed! What started off as a trip without any expectations other than good weather and some peace on the beach turned out to be a fantastic experience with great landscape, interesting history … Continue reading

Share Your World – 2014 Week 35

After doing it again – skipping the Share Your World challenge last week, that is – I am back in the game 🙂 Thank you for your questions, Cee! Have your blogging goals changed? No, not really. I wanted to write regularly, which I do. And I wanted to reach out to the English-speaking world, … Continue reading

Life in 6 songs

I started following Christy over at Running On Sober only recently, but man, how happy I am about joining in just in time for the “Life in 6 songs” contest! I always wished my life was a musical – as in whenever something important happens, a tune is played loudly and myself and everybody involved … Continue reading